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Jingel-1 (0,606Mb), All rights reserved by: (Vocals by T.Neuhaus).

Jingel-2 (0,711MB), All rights reserved by: (Vocals by T. Neuhaus).

Jingel-3 (1,19MB), All rights reserved by: Arctic Fields



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Panorama Around The World Around The World 3:49
Victorious Dinosaur Warfare Dinosaur Warfare 4:06
Eynomia Break Free Take A Look 3:22
Humanash Reborn From Ashes The Liberation Of The Cursed 4:33
Rebellion A Tragedy In Steel Stand Up For Bastards 3:59
Savage Machine Abandon Earth The Hunter 4:51
Talco And The Winner Isn´t La Verita 3:14
Leaves Eyes Sign Of The Dragonland Across The Sea 3:45
Coronatus Secrets Of Nature Sleigh Ride To Asgard 4:26
Coronatus Secrets Of Nature Dance Of The Satyr 2:56
Miskatonic Union Astral Quest Road To The Mountains 4:06
Rexoria Queen Of Light Way To Die 4:12
Ignitor Haunted By Rock & Roll Heavy Is The Head 2:01



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Panorama Around The World Shout It Out 3:52
Reverence Foreverence Phoenix Rising 3:40
Magick Touch Blades Chains Lost With All Hands 3:09
Beast In Black Berseker Born Again 3:47
Ammouri Dare To Be Happy Manupulation 3:46
The Gang The Gang Rockn Rebels 3:38
Sign X Singel Glorious Again 3:20
Blood Red Saints Love Hate Conspiracies Live & Die 4:24
Blood Red Saints Love Hate Conspiracies Something In Your Kiss 4:36
Tommy Zamp You Don’t Know Me Let It Go 3:37
Pretty Boy Floyd Public Enemies Girls All Over The World 3:02
Magnum Lost On The Road Without Love 5:16
Cromonic Singel Another World 3:33



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Pretty Boy Floyd Public Enemies Do Ya Wanna Rock 2:38
Hellflower Orange Just Like Me 4:15
Inishmore The Lemming Project Eternal Wanderer 4:51
Rockbeton Fuck Off Mainstream Hotter Than Hell 4:15
Trucker Diablo Fighting For Everything Voodoo II 3:55
Operation Mindcrime A New Reality Wake Me Up 4:47
Mystic Prophecy Uncovered You Keep Me Hangin On 3:27
Mystic Prophecy Uncovered Because The Night 3:19
Iron Savior Reforged Eye To Eye 5:36
White Mountain Singel Make A Wish 4:26
Tragedian Unholy Divine Shadow Of The Moon 3:55
Masqued The Lightinthe Dark Bullet By Bullet 3:15



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Chris Bay Chasing The Sun Starlight 3:47
Babylon AD Revelation Highway Saturday Night 4:16
Blank Display Love Hate Radio Tragedy 2:49
Rat Rod Rock And Roll Beds On Fire 3:50
Wildheart Wildheart Hang Em High 4:28
Warrior Soul Back On The Lash Further Decay 2:56
Honeymoon Disease Partly Human Fly Bird Fly High 3:09
King King Exile & Grace Gimme No Lovin 3:45
Pink Creme 69 Headstrong Bloodsucker 3:48
The Other Casket Case A Heart Is Mysterious 2:31
Primal Fear Angels of Mercy If Looks Could Kill 3:44
Baboon Show Singel Same Old Story 3:57
Don Broco Single T Shirt Song 3:44
License License 2 Rock Start The Fire 2:01



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Madame X Monstrocity Big Rock Roll 2:47
Stormbringer Born A Dying Breed Stick To Your Guns 3:34
Stray Train Blues From Hell My Baby S Ride 3:28
Jeff Scott Soto Retribution Breakout 3:34
The Dark Element The Dark Element Ghost And The Ripper 5:00
Jen Majura InZENity All The Other Ones 3:56
King King Exile & Grace Nobody Knows Your Name 3:42
The Parity Complex The Parity Complex Violence 2:54
Mono Inc Hits & Rarities Forgiven 3:59
Sweet & Lynch Unified Bridge Of Broken Lies 4:36
Starblind Never Seen Again Demon Rider 3:40
Nocean Diamond Causing Chaos 3:34
Madstone Heavy Thunder Mr Bones Wild Ride 3:17
The Adicts And It Was So Picture 3:47



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Madame X Monstrocity Good Stuff 3:04
Metatrone Eucharismetal Keep Running 4:58
Starblind Never Seen Again The Everlasting Dream 3:57
Elvenking Secrets Of The Magick 3 Ways To Magick 4:20
Amberian Dawn Darkness of Eternity I am The One 4:00
Razorbats Singel Social Rejects 3:19
Arrayan Path Dawn Of Aquarius Dark Daughter Of The Snake 3:14
Santa Cruz Bad Blood Rising Voice Of The New Generation 3:14
Santa Cruz Bad Blood Rising River Phoenix 3:23
Violent Divine Louder Than Love Dirty Little Secrets 3:25
Ghost Town Rebellion Silver And Gold Moments 3:19
Stormhold Salvation We March 4:06
Stray Train Blues From Hell Mad Machine 3:53
Osyron Kingsbane Kingsbane 3:01



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Oz Transition State Midnight Screams 3:00
Sleeping Romance Where The Light Is Lost In My Eyes 3:32
Wildness Wildness Down In The City Master 4:57
Shakra Snakes & Ladders The Race Of My Life 3:29
Devils Balls Singel My Fight Is On 5:02
Corroded Singel Retract And Disconnect 4:10
Saint Roch Revelator Life Of Crime 2:27
Wildheart Wildheart Lovehunter 4:05
Elvenking Secrets Of The Magick The One We Shall Follow 4:20
Within Silence Return From Shadows We Are The One 3:58
The Adicts And It Was So Gospel According To Me 2:30
Night Viper Exterminator Lady Bad Luck 4:11
Steve Walsh Black Butterfly The Piper 5:40



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Midnite City Midnite City Can´t Wait For The Night 4:26
Power Quest Sixth Dimension Coming Home 4:32
Pink Creme 69 Headstrong Man Of Sorrow 5:09
Doro Für immer Ich will alles 2:21
Doro Für immer Ungebrochen 1:37
Jessica Wolf Grounded Playing For Keeps 3:19
Vice Veni Vidi Vice You Bother 2:48
Ozon Mama Cosmos Calling High Ride 3:07
OZ Transition State We´ll Never Die 4:25
Regardless Of Me The Covenant Nothing Can Last Forever 3:26
Within Silence Return From The Shadow Heros Must Return 5:05
Angel Nation Aeon Breathe Again 3:40
Not Over Yet Axioms Of Life Will Power 2:59
Metalite Heros In Time Heros In Time 2:53



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Wild Witch The Offering Heavy Metal Inferno 4:14
The Dark Element The Dark Element My Sweet Mystery 4:50
Night Legion Night Legion Enter The Storm 3:52
Beast In Black Berserker Blind And Frozen 4:58
Forever Road Forever Road Oh Yeah 3:09
Itchy All We Know The Weight Of The Water 2:21
Voice The Storm Into Darkness 3:45
The Fright Canto V No One 3:18
The Fright Canto V Bonfire Night 4:05
Arcanum Very Old School Noise Nightride 3:12
Robin Beck Love Is Coming On The Bright Side 3:40
Deathtiny Come To Life Time Is Now 3:36



Band: Album: Title: Time:
The Professionals What In The World Going Going Gone 3:28
Across The Atlantic Works Of Progress Playing For Keeps 3:30
Danko Jones Wild Cat You Are My Woman 3:19
Hardcore Superstar Singel Have Mercy On Me 2:46
The Other Casket Case Faith And The Fallen 3:45
Blutengel Black Black Master 4:20
Guitar Gangsters Sex & Money Obsession 2:56
Jeff Scott Soto Singel Inside Outside 3:38
Dyed In Blue Moment Of Leaving Plaid Accident 3:36
Honeymoon Disease Partly Human Doint It Again 3:05
Shakra Snakes & Ladders Medicine Man 3:25
Racing Mars Measure Of Decay Through The Veil 3:31
Cornerstone Reflections Nothing To Lose 4:09
Black Paisley Late Bloomer Kickin 3:30
Märvel At The Sunshine Factory All Over The News 1:26



Band: Album: Title: Time:
License Licence 2 Rock Turn On The Radio 4:05
Babylon AD Crash And Burn Crash And Burn 4:05
Even Mud Even Mud Lose Your Mind 3:58
The Professionals What In The World Monkeys 3:01
Märvel The Sunshine Factory Smile Mr. Steen 3:12
Not Over Yet Axioms Of Life Compromise 3:24
Secret Rule The Key To The World Twin Flames 3:36
The Radio Sun Unstoppable Only You 3:31
World War Me World War Me Escape 2:49
World War Me World War Me War Zone 3:16
Bigfoot Bigfoot Tell Me A Lie 3:48
Midnight City Midnight City Summer Of Your Lives 3:23
Rockford Heros A Matter Of Belief The Lantern Porter 3:47
Stud Circle Of Lies Seems To Be Right 2:43
Code Red Incendiary I Wont Be Your Hero 2:34



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Megasonic Without Warning Hammered 3:47
Sparanza Announcing the End Vindication 4:31
All Faces Dawn Forevermore Sink Or Swim 3:16
Dirty Thrills Heavy Living Get Loose 2:53
Grande Ultra Here We Are Fade To Grey 4:02
Pänzer Fatal Command We Can Not Be Silenced 3:30
Metalite Heros In Time Afterlife 4:05
Stud Circle Of Lies More Than A Woman 3:45
Hell In The Club See You On The Dark Side Bite Of The Tongue 2:53
Hell In The Club See You On The Dark Side The Phantom Punch 4:32
Skarlett Riot Regenerate Break 3:53
Speed Limit Anywhere We Dare Anywhere We Dare 4:30
Minotauro Apocalyptic Sense Landless Soldiers 3:45
Shadowqueen Living Madness Call My Name 2:30



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Blood God No Brain But Balls Hardrock Party Bus 3:24
Sassy Society A Sassy Nation Pretty Boy 2:58
Every Mothers Nightmare Grind Swing Again 3:08
Saturdays Heros Pineroad Lizzie 2:15
Döxa Lust For Wonder A Fools Tarantella 3:29
Sassy Society A Sassy Nation Forever And A Day 3:57
Jared James Nichols Black Magic Last Chance 2:37
Sassy Society A Sassy Nation Gypsy Paradise 3:29
Sons Of Sounds Into The Sun Before I Die 4:42
Sassy Society A Sassy Nation Angie 4:02
Guitar Gangsters Sex And Money Sex And Money 2:44
Shadowqueen Living Madness Open Your Eyes 1:44
05.10.2017 Studiogäste: John (Mr. Six Toe Joe)und Mark LeBosch von Sassy Society



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Blood God Blood Is My Trademark Sexy Music For Sexy People 3:44
Black Paisley Late Bloomer Run Run Run 3:01
Hot Foxxy Burning Bridges Burning Bridges 2:43
In This Moment Ritual Roots 3:58
Outrider Foundations Down 3:39
Rough Grind Four For The Road Dead End Street 3:46
Stan Bush Change The World Warrior 3:20
Mr. Hurley Tortuga Blau wie das Meer 2:43
Dead Memory Welcome To My Fairytale Red Light Show 3:03
Dead Memory Welcome To My Fairytale Friday Night 3:08
Autograph Get Off Your Ass Get Off Your Ass 3:02
Grande Royale Breaking News Brake Light 2:28
Voodoma Gotland Shine 4:39
Lucid Darling The Chronicles Morvas Marshes 3:22
Hok Key Kalays Pad Calaviek Padvojna 2:41



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Concordea Over Wild Spaces Wings Motion 4:47
Phantom5 Play to Win Crossfire 3:43
Sweet & Lynch Unified Promised Land 4:06
Bloody Beetroots Singel My Name Is Thunder 2:36
Gun Favourite Pleasures She Knows 3:22
Debbie Ray Slave To The System Gotta Get It Right 3:25
Serious Black Magic Magic 4:23
Serious Black Magic Lone Gunman Rule 3:05
Eden Curse Revisited Don’t Bring Me Dawn 3:22
Wayward Sons Ghost Of Yet To Come Crush 3:36
Derwood Renegade My Girl 2:33
Coldspell A New World Arise Just One Night 4:42
Antiflag American Fall American Attraction 2:54
Lonewolf Raised On Metal Swansong 3:14



Band: Album: Title: Time:
World War Me World War Me That’s So 3:04
Early Grey Rock For Life Destination 3:34
Blazing Rust Armed To Exist Shimmering Dawn 4:39
Newman Aerial High Tonight 4:03
Martina Edoff We Will Again Set You Free 3:24
Across The Atlantic Works Of Progress Playing For Keeps 3:30
Dynamite Big Bang Bring It On 3:22
Wild Lies Prison Of Sins Vox Up 3:04
Eden Curse Revisited Eyes Of The World 3:20
Neverlight Nova Red Shallow Grave 4:03
Other View When Daylight Gone That Burgundy Book 4:10
Steelheart Through Worlds You Got Me Twisted 3:39
Wayward Sons Ghost Of Yet To Come Alive 3:45
The Morrings Unbowed Ice Cold Jar Of Whisky 2:07



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Gods Of Silence Neverland Against The Wall 4:23
Ela Second Reality Deadly Sins 4:19
Da Vinci Ambition Rocks Curious Sensation 2:48
Circus Maximus Havok In Oslo Havoc 3:35
Blackwater Horizon Bad John Waiting For Pharaoh 3:02
Dirty Thrills Law Man Law Man 3:06
D2UR Tic Toc St Augustine 3:50
Tower Of Babel Dragonslayer Eternal Flames 5:22
Wraith Revelation Into The Fire 3:29
Wraith Revelation No Respect 4:47
Karoshi Raubauken & Trompeten Care About The Onions 2:47
Shadowside Shades Of Humanity The Crossing 3:54
Seven Spires Solveig Encounter 2:40
Don Broco Technology Technology 1:15



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Bottoms Up Everybody RocknRoll China White 3:16
Lionheart Second Nature 30 Years 4:21
Seven Spires Solveig Stay 4:27
LA Guns The Missing Peace Speed 3:31
Hell In The Club See You On We Are On Fire 2:42
Lionsoul Welcome Storm Bright As Light 5:25
Null DB Geboren In Ketten Dämon 4:12
Übergas Heiss Auf die Fresse fertig los 3:41
Übergas Hess Schön zu wissen 3:05
Tower Of Babel Dragonslayer Addicted 5:32
Russkaja Kosmopoliturbo Mare Mare 3:56
Ye Banished First Night Back First Night Back In Port 3:01
Zerocape Finish Dem The Funeral 2:37



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Masterplan PumpKing Step Out Of Hell 4:26
Galderia Return Of C. Men High Up In The Air 4:03
Narnia Narnia Who Do You Follow 4:07
Broken Teeth 4 On The Flour House Of Damnation 2:53
Fireforce Annihiliate The Evil Fake Hero 4:03
That Rock Guy Nothin To Lose Cant Get Enough Of You 3:29
The Slade Grave Seek Seek Seek 3:20
Abacus 5 A Long Way To Begin Tightrope 3:37
Kaiser Franz Josef Make Rock Great Again Bollywood 3:23
UDO Back To The Roots I Am A Rebel 3:06
Warner Drive Till The Wheels My Devotion 3:00
Warner Drive Till The Wheels LA Psycho Chic 3:19
Natal Pride Singel Light Lord Definive 4:07
Siamese Smile False Awakenings The Cause 3:07



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Kissin Dynamite Generation Goodbye Highlight Zone 4:16
Sweet Leopard Horny House Look For Love 4:13
Ten Gothica The Wild King Of Winter 5:04
Sinister Rouge 95 Breaking The Tides 2:36
The Warning XXI Century Blood Runaway 3:55
Voodoo Highway The Ordeal NY Dancer 3:08
Voodoo Highway The Ordeal Blue Ride 2:35
Kaiser Franz Josef Make Rock Great Again Disguise 3:30
Outrider Foundations Down 3:30
The Nights The Nights Juliette 3:30
Graham Bonnet Band Live SOS 3:04
Scarved Lodestone Naughty Reflexes 4:32
Mr. Big Defying Gravity Defying Gravity 4:14
Ezoo Feeding The Beast Motorbyke 1:02


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Corners Of Sancuary Cut Your Losses Tonight 3:49
Edguy Ravenblack Ravenblack 4:38
Accept The Rise Of Chaos The Rise Of Chaos 5:06
Daniel Trigger Time Of The Titans Reach Out 2:59
Primal Fear Angels Of Mercy Angels Of Mercy 3:41
Jorn Lande Life On Death Road Man Of The 80s 4:38
Quiet Riot Road Rage Freak Flag 3:55
Seven Thorns Black Fortress Black Fortress 4:27
Rage Season Of The Black Blackened 4:38
Nasty Crue Riots In Heaven Lynchburg Tennessee 3:29
Ayreon The Source Everybody Dies 4:41
Perpetual Fire Bleeding Hands Bloody Apple 3:44
Altair Descending Limbo 1:30


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Bloodlights Pullin No Punches Lights Out 3:26
Burning Witches Burning Witches Burning Witches 4:15
Radiation Romeos Radiation Romeos Radiation Romeos 4:21
Triggerfinger Colossus Flesh Tight 2:36
Kryptonotic Godspeed Chasing Fire 3:33
Papa Roach Crooked Teeth American Dream 3:01
Theia Back In Line My Poison 3:58
The Ferrymen The Ferrymen Fool You All 3:39
ToJa V Tears Of Fire 3:30
Vitne Jupiter Make Believe 3:00
All 41 World's Best Hope After The Rain 4:40
Cellar Darling This Is The Sound Black Moon 3:58
Unleash The Archers Apex The Matriarch 3:58
Wizard Fallen Kings Liar And Betrayer 3:28


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Warrant Louder Harder Faster Louder Harder Faster 3:03
Fogalord Master Of War The Storm Of Steel 4:45
Ezoo Feeding The Beast Cest La Vie 4:18
Doll Skin Manic Pixie Dream Girl Daughter 2:54
Angelwings Edge Of Innocence Game Of Life 3:53
That Rock Guy Nothin To Lose Nothin To Lose 3:32
Authority Zero Broading To The Nation Bayside 2:53
Alestorm No Grave But The Sea Alestorm 3:54
Alestorm No Grave But The Sea No Grave But The Sea 3:26
Ravage Return Of The Spectral The Wicked Way 4:52
Wild Rose Stonehymn The Eyes Of The Mountain 5:18
Bloodlights Pulling No Panches Ass In A Coma 2:02
Conjuring Fate Valley Of Shadows Marching Dead 3:52
Phantom MKV Phantom MKV Teresa 3:03


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Snakecharmer Second Skin Sounds Like A Plan 4:26
Ohrenfeindt 2 Fäuste für RocknRoll Starkstrom Baby 3:35
88 Fingers Thank You For Being Advice Colum 3:05
Taz Taylor Band Pressure And Time Ash And Bone 2:37
Ohrenfeindt 2 Fäuste für RocknRoll So Nicht 4:04
Starsick System Lies Hope & Other Bulletproof 3:23
Bai Bang Rock Of Life Rock Of Life 3:06
Ohrenfeindt 2 Fäuste für RocknRoll 2 Fäuste für RocknRoll 3:59
Nitrogods Roadkill BBQ My Loves A Wirebrush 2:52
Boyscout We Were Kings Deal With It 3:33
22.06.2017: Gäst: Chris Laut von Ohrenfeindt


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Jorn Lande Life On Death Road Fire To The Sun 5:01
Doll Skin Maniac Pixie Dream Shut Up 2:44
Peter Graigs The Beginning My Eyes Bleed 4:22
Biters The Future Aint No Stranger No Heartache 2:46
Warrant Louder Harder Faster Big Sandy 2:32
Inglorious II Taking The Blame 3:27
Valor Arrogance Flying Away 3:29
Valor Arrogance Dark Are The Eyes 3:19
Ohrenfeindt 2 Fäuste für Rockn Roll König und Rebell 2:48
Night Flight Orchestra Sad State Of Affairs Sad State Of Affairs 4:31
Godex The Heart Collector The Price Of Man 3:17
Jack Stroem Jack Stroem Without Me 4:27
Snakebite Princess Of Pain Road To Nowhere 3:38
The Dead Daisies Live & Louder Helter Shelter 2:45


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Mark Slaughter Halfway There Hey You 3:29
Black Hawk The End Of The World What A World 3:31
The Ferrymen The Ferrymen End Of The Road 4:12
Stormburst Raised On Rock Never Too Late 3:14
Black Hawk The End Of The World Legacy Of Rock 4:43
Liv Sin Follow Me Endless Road 3:49
Kneipenterroristen schneller lauter härter Heimspiel 2:23
Black Hawk The End Of The Word Dragonride 3:19
Biters The Future Aint Stone Cold Love 3:25
Lichtgestalt Tempus Fugit so kalt dein Lächeln 3:56
Black Hawk The End Of The World Dancing With My Demonds 4:45
01.06.2017: Gäste: Udo, Wolle & Conny von Black Hawk


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Kneipenterroristen schneller lauter härter Unsere Religion 2:43
Dog N Skull Pubs Calling I Did Something Bad 2:55
Texas Flood Overworked Up In Smoke 3:10
Dockerrock Dockerrock Familypower 3:14
Treat The Road More Nonstop Madness 3:32
Kaiser Franz Josef Make Rock Great Again Give It Up 3:40
Tequila Mockingbyrd Fight And Flight Somebody Put Something 2:55
Rock Goddess Its More Than RR Back Off 4:09
Crazy Lixx Ruff Justice Hunter Of The Heart 3:49
Crazy Lixx Ruff Justice Shot With A Needle Of Love 3:42
Mega Colossus Hyperglaive Betta Master 4:52
Shadowman Secrets And Lied Good Times Bad Times 2:49
Empire Trading Souls Big World Little Man 4:04
Seven Kingdoms Decennium The Faceless Hero 4:11
Aeverium Time World Inside My Head 4:23


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Adrenaline Rush Soul Survivor Wild Side 3:50
Spin My Fate Tides No Solutions 3:34
Dragony Lords Of The Hunt The One And Only 3:15
Secret Sphere The Nature Of Time The Calling 4:21
Labyrinth Architecture Still Alive 4:45
Sinner Tequila Suicide Battle Hill 3:45
Deep Purple Infinite All I Got Is You 4:00
Mean Streak Blind Faith Tear Down 3:22
Mean Streak Blind Faith Caught in The Crossfire 4:23
Astral Doors Black Eyed Children Surburan Song 4:23
Custard A Realm Of Tales Daughter Of The Sea 4:39
Black Hawk The End Of The World What A World 3:31
Aldaria Land Of Light Another Life 2:45


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Osukaru The Labyrinth Voices In The Dark 4:15
Black Diamonds Once Upon A Time Thrillride 4:46
Itchy Singel Nothing Nothing 2:35
Supernova Plasmajets s t Fallin Backwards 3:42
Astral Doors Black Eyed Children Slaves To Ourselves 4:06
Dead By April Worlds Collide Perfect The Way You Are 3:41
Kobra & The Lotus Prevail You Dont Know 3:28
Kneipenterroristen schneller lauter härter Hamburg 3:38
Sleazy Roxxx Topless Silicide Lets Roll 2:57
Sleazy Roxxx Topless Suicide The Stinger 3:16
Imminence This Is Goodbye Broken Love 3:19
Midnight Rider Manifestation I Wanna Be A Prowler 4:58
Shadowman Secrets & Lies Contagious 3:01
Backwood Spirit Backwood Spirit Get Your Wings 3:39


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Bai Beng Rock Of Life Rock of Life 3:05
Dirty White Boyz Down And Dirty Hell To Pay 4:34
Rockett Love Grab The Rocket Line Of Sight 3:04
Wolfpakk Woves Reign Falling 4:47
Voodoo Vegas Welcome o The Freakshow Long Time Gone 3:38
Silver Horses Tick My Bad 4:27
Kings Of Broadway Kings Of Broadway Hit The Ground 3:53
Kings Of Broadway Kings Of Broadway Berserk 4:07
Endfield Right To The Top Next Mistake 3:58
Coastland Ride Distance Dead For Seven Days 4:15
Sister Doll All Dolled Up Old Enough 3:20
Los Pepes Let´s Go The Trap 2:40
Major Voice Wonderful Life The Great Commandment 2:56
Fading Sunday Play It Loud Because Of Her 2:34


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Trance The Loser Strikes Live And Heavy 2:48
Damnations Day A World Awakens To Begin Again 4:38
One Desire One Desire Apologize 3:10
Wolfpakk Wolves Reign I´m Onto You 3:53
Razzmattazz Diggin For Gold Diggin For Gold 3:07
Vandroya Beyound The Human Time After Time 4:13
Pyramaze Contingent Nemesis 4:06
Pyramaze Contingent Obsession 3:57
Frustkiller Treibgut Der Moment 2:06
Toxpack Schall & Rausch die Letzten die sich noch 3:11
Spitfuel Second To None Devil´s Darling 3:57
Imminence This Is Goodbye Diamonds 3:38
Black Mirrors Funky Queen Kick Out The Jam 2:20
Edenbridge The Great Momentum The Die Is Not Cast 3:00
Lioncage The Second Strike Save The Day 2:03


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Aeverium Time Time 3:40
House Of Lords Saint Of The Lost Souls The Other Option 4:10
Cyanide Pills Sliced And Diced Big Mistake 1:52
Axel Rudi Pell The Ballads V Love´s Holding On 4:43
Labyrinth Architecture Of A God Someone Says 4:22
Jupiter Falls Faces In The Sand Nothing To Me 4:17
Double Crush Syndrome Die For Rockn Roll I Wanna Be Your Monkey 3:09
Eclipse Monumentum Born To Lead 3:16
Eclipse Monumentum Jaded 3:30
Night Ranger Don´t Let Up Say What You Want 3:40
Ghost Popestar Missionary Man 3:37
Vexine Little Sin Empty Hole 3:30
Dog´n Skull Pub´s Calling Couple Of Beers 3:57
Badass More Pain & More Gain Royal Chains 3:24


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Danko Jones Wild Cat I Gotta Rock 3:38
House Of Lords Saint Of Lost Sounds Harlequin 4:26
Aldaria Land Of Light Answers In A Dream 4:05
Mayburn No Horizon Lift Me Higher 3:44
Myall Lake The System Will Fall No Return 3:44
Inglorious Inglorious II Read All About It 3:23
Osukaru The Labyrinth Voodoo 3:22
Place Vendome Close To The Sun Riding The Ghost 4:04
Zombie Motors Supersonic Rocknroll Bad Boy Benny 4:32
Cornerstone Reflections Nothern Light 3:24
Corners Of Sanctuary Cut Your Losses Wild Card 4:02
Sinner Tequila Suicide Go Down Fighting 2:37
Harem Scarem United Sinking Ship 4:08
Sammy Berell Passion Dreams Star 2:13



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Black Diamonds Once Upon A Time Tales Untold 4:02
Night Laser Laserhead Laserhead 3:33
Sister Doll All Dolled Up Strutt 2:52
Night Laser Laserhead Fighting The Blues 3:07
Dirty White Boyz Down And Dirty Waitin For This Feelin 4:05
Satan Takes A.Hollyday Aliens The Beat 2:26
Night Laser LA One Day 3:49
Invidia As The Sun Sleeps Feed The Fire 3:35
Fading Sunday Play It Loud 1 Day Holiday 2:41
Tokyo Motor Fist Tokyo Motor Fist Shamless 3:19
Night Laser Laserhead Thin Ice 3:05
23.03.2017 Studiogäste: Benno & Hannes von Night Laser


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Striker Striker Rock The Night 4:31
Burnt Out Wreck Swallow Swallow 4:35
Age Of Reflection In The Heat Of The Night The Mirror Never Lies 4:14
Jack Russel He Saw It Comin Crazy 3:38
Stefanie Stefanie One Life 3:43
Supernova Plasmajets s/t Faster 4:01
Bloodbound War Of Dragons Silver Wings 3:32
Bloodbound War Of Dragons War Of Dragons 4:05
Place Vendome Close To The Sun Light Before The Dark 4:01
Voodoo Vegas Welcome To The Freakshow Black Heart Woman 3:42
Lower Than Atlantis Safe In Sound Work For It 3:16
Immortal Machinery An Imperfect Storm Greater Love 4:15
Hidden Danger Access Denied Believe 3:06
Jimi Anderson Group Longtime Comin Necessary People 1:44


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Grave Digger Healed By Metal Healed By Metal 3:43
Battle Beast Bringer Of Pain Familiar Hell 4:00
Ghost Avenue Impact The Prison 4:14
Sammy Berell Passion Dreams Red Light Eyes 3:26
Black Star Riders Heavy Fire Testify 4:10
Stephen Pearcy Smash I Can´t Take It 2:47
Striker Striker Born To Lose 3:56
Axxis Retrolution Rock The Night 3:24
Axxis Retrolution This Is My Day 3:06
Social Stain Social Stain Backstabber 3:32
Crystal Viper Queen Of The Witches See You In Hell 4:13
Xandria Theater Of Dimensions Ship Of Doom 3:42
Edenbridge The Great Momentum The Moment Is Now 4:18
Chrome Molly Hoodoo Voodoo Hoodoo Voodoo 2:01


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Pride Of Lion Fearless Rising Up 3:45
Jimi Anderson Group Longtime Comin Welcome To The Revolution 3:20
Endfield Right To The Top So Long 3:40
My Dynamite Otherside Witch Hat 3:45
One Desire One Desire Hurt 4:58
Cathrine Jauer Hear The Sound Dance With Me 3:11
Into This Monster We Created Heart On Your Sleeve 1:55
Sticky Boys Calling The Devil Ready To Go 3:18
Sticky Boys Calling The Devil Elvis 666 2:22
Eclipse Monumentum Vertigo 3:20
Satan Takes Holyday Aliens More Is More 2:31
Turbobier Das Neue Festament Feiertag 3:26
Lioncage The Second Strike Save The Day 3:32
Murder Of My Sweet Echoes Of The Aftermath Racing Heart 3:34
Sweet Mary Jane Winter In Paradise Madeline 1:35
23.02.2017 Telefoninterview mit Cathrine Jauer


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Avenford New Beginning Unholy Game 3:40
Into This Monster We Created Monster 3:25
Stamina System Of Power Holding On 4:43
Crossplane Backyards Frenzy Long Way Down 4:19
Born Again Strike With Power No Class 2:46
Sixx AM Prayers For The Blessed That´s Gonna Leave A Scar 3:59
Hevidence Nobody´s Fault All I Ever Needed 3:45
Victorius Heart Of The Phoenix A Million Lightyears 4:05
Victorius Heart Of The Phoenix Sons Of Orion 5:04
Asphalt Horsemen Brotherhood Down In The Dirt 3:44
Ann My Guard Qurania Callisto 3:30
Vulgar Devils Temptress Of The Dark For The Kill 3:44
Borealis World Of Silence The Afterlife 3:00



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Jack Russel Great White He Saw It Comin Blame It On The Night 3:51
Sloppy Joe´s Eight Reasons To Rock Diana 2:58
TG Copperfield TG Copperfield 330 Blues 3:23
Sloppy Joe´s Eight Reasons To Rock Right Decision 4:25
Danko Jones Wild Cat My Little Rock n Roll 3:40
Sweet Mary Jane Winter In Paradise No Retreat No Surrender 2:44
Turbobier Das neue Testament Die heilige Bierbel 2:45
Sloppy Joe´s Eight Reasons To Rock Sheena Is A Punkrocker 2:43
Cathrine Jauer Hear The Sound Last Day Master 2:55
Mono Inc Together Till The End Out In The Fields 4:01
Crossplane Backyard Frenzy Dance With The Devil 0:33
02.02.2017 Studiogäste: Sloppy Joe´s



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Avenford New Beginning Dark Angel 3:38
Borealis World Of Silence World Of Silence 4:08
HMS Keelhaul From Left To Right Rock n Roll 4:00
Hydra Solar Empire Days Of Thunder 3:40
Crystal Viper Queen Of The Witches Rise Of The Witches Queen 3:58
Battle Beast Bringer Of Pain King For A Day 4:27
Nothington In The End Cobblestones 4:08
Freedom Call Master Of Light Ghost Ballet 2:35
Yiek The Drive Little Bitch 3:15
Yiek The Drive The Drive 2:19
Ann My Gurad Qurania Obsidian Tears 4:26
Walter Subject Just Dance Like Nobodys Watching Just Dance Like Nobodys Watching 2:48
Darl Lambency Spectra Revolution 4:26
Spitefuel Sleeping With The Wolves Sleeping With The Wolves 3:02



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Dario Mollo´s Crossbones Rock The Cradle Speed 4:02
Asphalt Horsemen Brotherhood Dr. Tease 3:34
Fallen Mankind Bleak Ocean Murder She Screamed 3:31
Murder Of My Sweet Echoes Of The Aftermath Personal Hell 4:42
Walter Subject Just Dance Like Nobody´s Horndog 2:37
Raimund Burke Tribute Of Glenn Miller Ive Got A Gal In Kalamazoo 5:21
Frontback Heart Of A Lion Destiny 3:19
Frontback Heart Of A Lion Liar 3:56
Mallet Man On Fire Taylor Man 3:11
Headline Maniac Headline Maniac One More Chance 3:00
Stephen Pearcy Smash Jamie 3:07
NiteRain Vendetta 1 Bad Boy 2:34
Devil Skin Be Like The River Believe In Me 0:15
12.01.17: Telefoninterview mit Raimund Burke



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Apollo Waterdevils I Need Rock´n Roll 4:24
Snap Border Alternative Current Box Sparless On The Ground 4:01
Drive Your Live Varna Death & Roll New Life 2:43
Place Vendome Close To The Sun Welcome To The Edge 4:17
Black Star Riders Heavy Fire When The Night Comes In 3:08
Hevidence Nobody´s Fault Overdrive 3:41
Sloppy Joe´s Eight Reason To Rock Sheena Is A Punkrocker 2:45
NiteRain Vendetta The Threat 3:17
Sixx AM Prayers For The Blessed We Will Not Go Quietly 4:20
Vulgar Devils Temptress Of The Dark Vulgar Devils 4:07
Mono Inc Together Till The End Children Of The Dark 5:01
Hard On Hard On Pole Dance 2:50
Raimund Burke Tribute To Glenn Miller Sun Vally 2:31
Eternal Idol The Unrevealed Secret Halls Of Sins 4:01



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